Vinyl siding is the most popular exterior material used in the United States today. It resists scratches, dents, bowing, and buckling.  It never needs to be painted and cleans easily with soap and water.  Our products provide the homeowner a rich variety of siding colors, dramatic profiles, guaranteed durability, and low cost options.  Please note: not all colors are available in all profiles, check with your Beams Roofing and Contracting representative for full details. 





Eminence: includes exclusive patented locking system that lies the panel against the wall surface eliminating panel overlap; exceeds international thickness standards at .046” which improves durability and overall performance.

Prestige: has patented color protection technology which provides superior color retention; also includes rolled over nail hem that resists wind loads and smooths out wall irregularities.

Proside: is a complete system package with accessories from soffits to trim pieces for eaves, doors and windows coordinated in color and texture to your home’s siding

Nantucket: has patented locking system engages panels to allow for expansion and contraction during extreme weather conditions; color is manufactured right into the panels providing extended vibrancy to your home.